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5 of the Best New Kizer Knives

5 of the Best New Kizer Knives

Looking for new Kizer knives to add to your folding knife collection? What’s new to you may not be new to the market, but these 5 gems from Kizer cutlery objectively are.

Get them while they’re hot.

Kizer Begleiter 2

Let’s start with a classic. The Kizer Begleiter has been one of the most popular folding knives in the industry for a while now and is known to exhibit high quality – but it’s been revamped in the Begleiter 2, which preserves everything we loved about the original, and adds some nice features.

While the ergs of the Begleiter remain basically untouched in the upgrade, it gets a new steel, handle scales, and a way cooler lock type.

The new one features 20CV steel (which offers excellent edge retention, strength, and corrosion resistance), ultra-lightweight carbon fiber scales, and a super-strong and fidget-friendly button lock.

Kizer Drop Bear

Spear-point lovers, the Kizer Azo Drop Bear is for you. Cheekily named after the mythical marsupial, this Drop Bear is just as vicious as its legendary namesake.

A stout blade with a spear point is the central fixture here; made with 20CV steel, this blade is perfect as a camp knife and can dice, slice, carve, prep food, and more with equal facility.

Like the Begleiter 2, this Drop Bear also features carbon fiber scales and a strong and fidget-friendly button lock.


The Kizer Azo HIC-CUP features a design that is eerily reminiscent of the OKC RAT II, with its nearly canoe-profile carbon fiber handle scales.

The drop point blade – nearly a spear point – boasts an even more impressive steel: S35VN, which gets some of the highest marks in the industry for toughness, corrosion resistance, and ability to hold a cutting edge. Instead of thumb studs, this one has ambidextrous thumb holes.

This one also features a button lock, which seems to be 2023’s lock type du jour.

Kizer Cormorant

Humpbacked and clearly taking inspiration from Spyderco, the Kizer Cormorant is another addition to Kizer Knives’ new roundup that is sure to be a fan favorite.

Ambidextrous thumb holes allow for easy one-handed opening, jimping and an adequate thumb ramp provide a sure grip, and button lock adds strength, fidget factor, and keeps your hands out of the way when closing the blade of this EDC knife.

Kizer Towser S

Last but certainly not least we have the Kizer Towser S, which is this high-end Chinese knife manufacturer’s token nod to the demands of the pocket cleaver crowd.

An exceptionally stout 2.85” 154CM blade offers excellent strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention, while the blade stock and profile protect against chips and tip breakage. It’s about as tough a pocket knife as money can buy.

The Towser S actually features a liner lock – the sole liner lock entry on this list of new Kizer Knives. It also features dual thumb studs and a pocket clip and is available with either a Richlite or Micarta handle.

Where Can You Get These Kizer Knives?

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