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7 Aspects To Look For While Choosing A Dining Table

7 Aspects To Look For While Choosing A Dining Table

Most buyers have a hard time finding the best dining table for their house. While it is easily the most identifiable furniture in any home, dining tables come in so many shapes, sizes, and textures that it is hard to fix on one particular design in the very first look.

Here are 7 aspects every buyer must inspect in a dining table before buying it.


Depending on the kind of house you live in, and the sophistication involved in your home design, you can choose from different table styles belonging to the following categories:

–  Contemporary

–  Eclectic

–  Modern modular

–  Traditional

  • Farm-style table
  • Pedestal
  • X-Legged
  • Tripod table

–  European

–  Industrial

–  Victorian

There are many more designer concepts you can seek from exclusive dining table manufacturers.

The shape of the table:

The platform of the dining table is the next aspect you must vouch for. While round modern dining tables remain the top-selling variants, other shapes too have grown in stature and market share. Apart from round dining table, you can explore shapes like:

–  Long Rectangle

–  Short Rectangle

–  Square

–  Free form/Asymmetrical

–  Oval

–  Octagonal

–  Hexagonal

–  Half-arch

The materials:

Dining tables with a hardwood top can resist anything on the planet. Mahogany and oak trees are preferred options for traditional dining table designs. Plastic and acrylic table tops are cheaper variants for wood and glass top dining tables.

Other designs used in the making of dining tables are marble, granite, limestone and concrete. Faux stone and mirror-surface materials are also very popular.

The finish:

The dining table finish is the key in creating the right ambience in the dining room. Once you are set with the size and the material of the dining table, you can finalize the finish from the following options:

–  Walnut

–  Brown

–  Burnt Earth

–  Black

–  Cherry

–  Espresso

–  Gold

–  Chrome

–  Iron

–  Pewter and bronze

–  Multi-color

–  Black and white

–  Beige

The table base:

Wood and stone dining table base offer a sturdy foundation to the furniture. You can mix and match between the materials you researched for the dining table. Wicker and rattan, bamboo and MDF are other materials that dining table manufacturers offer in their base.

The seating capacity and the chairs:

The dining table is accompanied by a set of chairs, complementing the overall appeal of the dining room. The dining table seating capacity could be anywhere between 1 and 12. The dining table chairs are made of the same material as that of the dining table. In glass-top dining tables, stainless steel and monochrome chairs flawlessly harmonize with the table designs.

Additional features:

The dining tables could be laced with additional features like folding countertop, adjustable platform height, distressed finish, extension boards, shelves, wheels, butterfly pockets and drawers to place kitchen items like plates, spoons, knives, mats, and coasters.