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8 Reasons to make Wayanad your next Backpacking 

8 Reasons to make Wayanad your next Backpacking 


The primary detail you should understand about Wayanad is that it is gorgeous in its simple yet spectacular hilly scenery and there are so many best things to do in wayanad. Overflowing with the aromatic tea manors, haze, green fields, rich valleys, and evergreen woods, Wayanad throw in to justify Kerala’s designation, God’s Own Country.

From cascades to brooks, Deodars to tea estates, Wayanad has a diversity of natural essentials adding up to its prettiness. And in the scrambled wildernesses and green scenery of Wayanad exist in many wildlife-like elephants, bears, bison, and even leopards.

Furthermore, if you are scheduling to come here, be ready to observe some of the most remarkable dawns and dusks of your life. And as the night draws, let the dreamer in you take the fore seat, for the town gifts its perceivers with a sky full of stars!

How to Arrive at Wayanad

Wayanad is located in north-eastern Kerala, Wayanad is identified to many. So, although it is a minor town, it is definitely reachable. If you are not taking a road tour to Wayanad, you may have to swap a bus or try a grouping of train and bus, bus and auto rickshaw, taxi and bus, and so on.

Here are 8 things to do in Wayanad as a backpacker

Try out Kerala’s finest trek off your list- The Chembra Peak Trek

This 14 km extensive trek takes around total of 6 hrs. to finish and takes you via the enchanted woods and plains of the Western Ghats. You will also meet two lakes, one of which is the delightful heart-shaped Love Lake of Kerala. And when you reach on, don’t overlook to notice the towns of Kalpetta & Vythiri in the breath-taking sight that you enjoy.

Sightsee the amusing past of Edakkal Caves

The two hypnotizing natural caves at 1200 m, the Edakkal Caves is one of the utmost captivating sets to visit in Wayanad. Revealing pictographic scripts that go way recede to the Neolithic Primitive civilisation, this place is unquestionably one of its kind. Make sure to go to see it for its valuable carvings.

Appreciate a beautiful sundown at the Banasura Sagar Dam

A have to go location in Wayanad is the Banasura Sagar Dam, which is also the second major earthen dam in Asia. Relish a fascinating sundown as you row in the tranquil waters, concluding your dusk on a heavenly note.

Trek through the backwoods of Meenmutty Falls

If you are up for an exploratory trek, move forward to the Meenmutty Falls. With its lengthiest drop of 1000 ft, the liquids flow continually here. The flow gets a little too hefty during the time of rains, so pay attention to your step when you are close to it.

Experiment with your hand at rock climbing at the Soochipara Falls

It is a three-level waterfall in the mid of the ageless deciduous woods, the Soochipara Waterfall is a pleasure to the eye. It is also identified as the Sentinel Rock Falls. The cliff-face of the falls are too exercised for rock-climbing, so you can give that a try if weather conditions allow.

Line in the liquids of the Pookode Lake

The highest elevated freshwater lake of Kerala, the Pookode Lake bids soothing feelings. Pamper in boating or kayaking, as you notice good-looking flowers flourishing all around you.

Walk by way of the limitless ranches of the Chembra Tea Estate

Not to shoot a line, but Wayanad rests at the core of the Chembra estate, a have to go sites in Wayanad. An infinite ocean of tea and coffee farms is the Chembra Estate, right at the bottom of the Chembra Peak.

Move on for the extraordinary Thusharagiri Trek

Even though it is not near to Wayanad, but this trek discovers a different reference in your Wayanad diary. From bridges made of log to plentiful vegetation, multi-coloured waterfall and pools, this trek presents plenty to annihilate the traveller in you. To go for this hike, move 50 km south of Wayanad in the direction of Kozhikode. The station of the trek is set exactly by the Kozhikode-Ooty Highway.

Best time to visit Wayanad

Similar to all hill-stations, this town presents a song and dance weather. Despite the fact the heat in Wayanad ranges between 18 & 34 degrees yearly, the sun is at all times modest, and the winds are friendlier here than the left-over places.

The best time to visit Wayanad is between the month of October and the month of May, as the scenery is lavish green from the downpours. In the monsoons you can adore water events like Splash and Kayaking in Wayanad. The Summer days are less hot here, so it can also get into for a good vacation escape to break the heat.

Also, the time from the month of March to the month of May is also considered as the best time to visit Wayanad. Furthermore, some people suggest the months from February to May the best time to visit Wayanad.

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