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All About Red Meranti Decking

Red meranti decking  is very common. This is popular because it is a completely clear grade kind of hardwood which is intrinsic to Southeast Asian regions.  Dark Red Meranti is called by different names in different regions. It is normally known as Philippine Mahogany.

What are the features of red meranti decking?

Red meranti decking would normally give an appearance of dark red or purple brown color with some white resin streaks also present in it. The grain of dark red meranti could be straight or interlinked. It has a coarse texture with a naturally low luster. The size of pores can vary from medium to large. The dark red meranti is very easy to work with. This species has very poor steam-bending properties. Some meranti species can have a little blunting effect over tools as a result of small levels of silica that are existing in the wood. The decking can be finished well with the help of glues and stains. Some of the characteristics of red meranti decking –

One of the most important features is that it would remain naturally attractive for a number of years. This is proven even under some extreme conditions. The red meranti decking would show a lot of resistance against decay, insects, wear and tear, fungus attack, abrasion, as well as dents and fire. Dark red meranti is a thick hardwood species and it requires just a little maintenance. It is due to these features, this is being commonly used in making furniture, flooring, interior finishing, and in decking.

Dark red meranti

It is considered one of the best suited woods for constructing external frames because of its outstanding features like good strength. This wood is of extremely good quality and has amazing mechanical characteristics. It has very high resistance to bending and compression in particular, a lot of hardness as well as durability, insulating properties, good elasticity and displays little changes in its dimensions during processing. The anti-stick method offers zero distortion tendencies. Meranti is widely harvested and is available all over the world. It is moderately priced even though it is imported. It is commonly used in plywood, general construction, veneer, concrete forms, interior furniture, and boatbuilding. Dark Red Meranti is sometimes also called Red Lauan. The wood in the Shorea genus is quite commonly used in some areas of southeast Asia. There are different varieties between the different species. Each will have different working properties, mechanical strength values as well as appearances. Meranti is a wood which has commercial importance all over the world. Used as a veneer, it will become plywood, utilized in plywood paneling, cabinets, as well as hollow-core doors. In the lumber form, meranti is used in light structural framing, moldings, and even low-cost furniture.

Meranti is one of the simplest hardwoods to work with. This is because it easily cuts plants, machines and processes. Meranti Wood is one of the various reasonable hardwoods so it is used for moldings, furniture, windows, cupboards, as well as structures and door trim for plywood. Meranti is a very soft and firm hardwood timber. It is not subject to any kind of warping or twisting and is resistant to dents. Because of its stable nature, it can be utilized for a wide range of applications. However, Meranti wood can get cracks or peels in case of difficult weather conditions. Meranti wood fibers tend to lose their strengths as a result of thermal expansions and break down under rough weather conditions. It should be finished and sealed with good quality products such as lacquer, finishing oils and varnish.