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All You Need To Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder

All You Need To Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is Autism? 

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a pervasive developmental disorder that is related to brain development that impacts how a person socializes with others. The distinctions advance after some time and influence spaces of psychological, social, and conduct improvement. Around 30% of youngsters with chemical imbalance have a scholarly incapacity while an expected 33% of kids with Autism are non-verbal. 

It has many sub-types but most of it is influenced by its genetic and environmental factors. A few kids with ASD might need critical help while others might require less help. Different components impact the advancement of chemical imbalance and it is normally joined by tactile exercises and clinical issues like sleep disorders, depression, and attention issues. 

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Types of Autism 

Autism usually refers to a wide range of neurodevelopment disorders so if your child is dealing and living with autism you need to understand the various types of autism and the symptoms. Let’s discuss in brief the types of Autism Spectrum Disorders: 

Pervasive developmental disorder 

The pervasive developmental issue refers to the group of disorders that are fundamentally portrayed by the delays in the development of kids about socialization and relational abilities. Some symptoms of pervasive developmental disorder that parents might notice are as below: 

– When your child avoids eye contact 

– When they are unable to express what they’re thinking through language 

– They have a high-pitched or flat voice 

– They find it difficult to keep up the conversation 

– It becomes difficult for them to control emotions 

– They keep performing repetitive behaviors’ like hand-flapping, rocking, jumping, or even twirling

Parents might notice these above symptoms if a child is facing pervasive developmental disorders.

  Childhood disintegrative disorder

Childhood disintegrative disorder additionally refers to Heller’s Syndrome which is an uncommon condition that is portrayed by the late beginning in language, social functions, and motor abilities. Childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), however, was found and analyzed sometime before mental imbalance, is presently named one of the low-working subsets of ASD. However it is on the ASD range, CDD has its particular subtleties, portrayals, and repercussions that make it imperative to examine and comprehend. 

Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome is one group of neurological disorders which is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is likewise viewed as on the mild end of the spectrum. A child with Asperger’s Syndrome may face the below symptoms:

 – They face difficulty when it comes to social interaction 

– They engage themselves in repetitive behaviors

– Rigid behavior (Standing firm on what they think)

– They don’t focus on rules and regulations 

And yes, children with ASD have normal or above normal intelligence. Early diagnosis of the same can help to lead a productive life. 

Main causes of Autism

It is strongly believed that autism can be caused by a variety of physical and psychological factors. Experts say that autism can be genetic and cannot be cured completely but can be improved with the help of living fulfilling and happy lives. The exact cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder is unknown but some of the predicted causes by experts are as below:

 – Having an immediate family member who is autistic 

– Some genetic mutations 

– Being born to older parents 

– Lower weight during birth 

– Due to metabolic imbalances 

– History of metabolic imbalances 

So, if you are thinking that childhood vaccinations can ASD in your child, there is no link between vaccines and an autism spectrum disorder. 

How is Autism Diagnosed? 

It would have been super easy for doctors and parents if Autism could be diagnosed with a blood test or an X-ray but unfortunately, it is not that simple. The Diagnosis of Autism is ultimately done based on you’re the development of your child and careful observations by doctors (Autism experts) and parents. According to the experts, early diagnosis can always be helpful because not all children are the same as some need more amount of special care and attention as some kids need lesser attention in comparison. Talk with a pediatrician if you feel your child needs to be screened- share your concern and always remember that no one knows your child the best than you! 


Hence, from the above article, I can say that Autism Spectrum Disorder can be characterized by difficulties with social communication and social interaction which may have adverse impacts. Get help and advice if you feel your child is autistic. Hope you liked the article. Thank you! 

Author Bio 

Mrs. Priyanka Naveen is the owner of TruHap an avid reader, writer and impactful public speaker. She started her career in clinical psychology which gave her better perspective to various mental health issues. Priyanka understood the importance of mental health after postpartum depression and remedies and because of this she was able to develop TruHap which is strong to bring back True Happiness. She takes up consultations and corporate sessions on various topics like parenting, relationship issues, stress management, and work life balance as well.