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All You Need to Know about Muzaffarabad

All You Need to Know about Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad, with no doubt, is one of Pakistan’s maximum fascinating locations, and it has something for everyone: from records and way of life to excellent meals and adventures. Lush inexperienced valleys, milky springs, stunning wildlife, ideal climate, and color-moving sky – the capital of AJK is not anything brief of a perfect holiday far from the monotony of the habitual life.  For a preferred concept approximately the way of life of the humans of Muzaffarabad, traffic who already discovered it carefully has opined that the cultural values of the town aren’t any exclusive from the relaxation of Pakistan. Men and girls each get dressed modestly in shalwar kameez, even as girls typically cowl their head and frame with a Kashmiri shawl.  If you’re intrigued by what you’ve got already heard and studied approximately the capital of AJK, then study the following part of this weblog to apprehend a way to get there from Islamabad — the federal capital of Pakistan.


Muzaffarabad has located about one hundred thirty km to the north of Islamabad. It takes a power of now no longer extra than four hours to get there, furnished the climate situations permit for cruising speed. The first and maximum generally used path through traffic is through Islamabad-Murree Expressway after which turning directly to Kohala-Muzaffarabad Road. An opportunity path to muzaffarabad weather from Islamabad is through Hazara Expressway, making it an extended adventure of around 213 km.

If you’re concerned approximately avenue situations, fear now no longer! You can without difficulty attain Muzaffarabad as roads are nearly well-paved and carpeted. But when you arrive within side the town, be organized for a touchy curler coaster ride.


Just like every other town in Pakistan, the capital town of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is split after sub-divided into many small boroughs and neighborhoods – every part of this vicinity gives a completely unique way of life and boasts a wealthy heritage. However, the maximum famous regions really well worth journeying in Muzaffarabad are:

Kindle Shahi: Situated a touch in advance of Muzaffarabad, Kindle Shahi is a move that joins Neelum River – nestled in Neelum Valley, additionally deemed one of the first-rate weekend getaways from Islamabad. The abundance of trout fish is the maximum magnetic issue approximately this vicinity that draws guests to go to the spot as a minimum as soon as of their life.

Muzaffarabad Fort: Muzaffarabad is domestic to 2 historic forts which are a dream come authentic for any records buff. Built at some stage in the Mughal Era, those forts are located on contrary facets of the Neelum River. The forts are generally referred to as Red Fort and Black Fort.

Patikka: Around 19 km from Muzaffarabad, Pattika is the primary visitor spot among Muzaffarabad and Neelum Valley. If you’re keen on looking at wildlife, in particular marine life, then Patikka is an area to be. For desi eating options, Patika additionally boasts well-known restaurants: Marco Polo Restaurant and Green Valley Restaurant.

Shaheed Gali: Shaheed Gali isn’t a long way from Muzaffarabad, either. A power of sixteen km from westward of the capital can take you to witness the splendor of this vicinity.


Just like every other part of Pakistan, January is the coldest month of the yr, and June is the hottest. The vicinity additionally witnesses heavy snowfall at some stage in winter and rainfall each yr at some stage in the monsoon season. Now, the selection of approximately what to go to absolutely relies upon you. If you’re a person who’s intrigued by wintry weather sports and snowfall, then you may truly experience journeying the town at some stage in winter; otherwise, summers have plenty to offer, too – from flowerbeds to inexperienced gardens.


Trust us when we are saying that Muzaffarabad is a haven for foodies and meal bloggers. The town boasts an unending menu in terms of range and choice. You are certain to meet your urge for food with the numerous scrumptious cuisines served within side the town. So, in which must you start your meal adventures?  Well, what Biryani is to Karachi, Kashmiri pulao is to Muzaffarabad – it’s far a not unusual place sight to peer guests grouping up to begin their culinary adventure with this very dish.