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All You Should Know About Real Property Report in Calgary Alberta

All You Should Know About Real Property Report in Calgary Alberta

A real property report in Calgary Alberta can help you make a well-informed decision when it comes to buying and selling houses. With information about the property including the exact boundaries of the property, right of easement and location of the property- you can make a smart decision.

In this post, we discuss what Real Property Report is along with its benefits to buyers and sellers.

What Is A Real Property Report?
A Real Property Report is a legal document that outlines the boundaries of the chosen land, provided by a qualified land surveyor. Experts perform due diligence on properties to determine their state and condition.

By learning about the property’s physical specifications from a Property Report, buyers can be sure that their property complies with all applicable laws and local ordinances. Additionally, it helps sellers and buyers spot issues with real estate so they may fix them before a sale is completed.

Simply explained, RPRs are a professional inspection of a specific property. They are essential in helping you make important choices about your property.

In a real estate report, you’ll find:

● the legal description of the property and the address.

● Information about all property boundaries, including easements, rights-of-way, and evident encroachments.

● stamps applied on permits by a municipal agency, together with a declaration and certification by a land surveyor in Calgary.

● a chart showing the locations, dimensions, and separations from the boundary of all improvements on the property.

Who Needs A Real Property Report

● Owners of real estate: An owner must be aware of the boundaries of their property. An RPR will inform you of any zoning changes and registration papers pertaining to the property. They can also warn the owner of any prospective neighbour intrusions. Before listing your house for sale, it is a good idea to construct an RPR to prevent any potential problems.

● Property purchasers: Before buying any home, it’s crucial to be informed of any building issues or property issues, past or present. An RPR will disclose any encumbrances on the property, such as taxes, liens, and even the names of previous owners.

● Municipal authorities: Before awarding permits or licences for the construction of your property, Calgary’s municipal authorities may request an RPR. It looks for any violations of any bylaws, fire regulations, building codes, or other guidelines set forth by the local government.

● Mortgage lenders: Mortgage lenders demand a stamped RPR in order to authorise the mortgage process.

Advantages of Real Property Report

● Home buyers are at ease knowing the exact size of the property and that it complies with all municipality bylaws regarding legal descriptions and borders.

● You can identifying possible problems that need to be fixed before a purchase or transaction

● Locating and measuring buildings, upgrades, and encroachments with precision

● Requesting building and development permits

● Approving requests for mortgage finance

How To Get A Real Property Report Of Your Property in Calgary Alberta
The only person qualified to properly compile a real property report in Alberta is a licensed land surveyor. A real property report cannot be regarded as genuine without the Alberta Land Surveyor’s original signature and permit stamp.

By signing a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit, you can confirm that an RPR you already have is accurate and that the property hasn’t altered since it was created. You can speak with the surveyor to see whether the present RPR can be adjusted if there have been changes. If there have been alterations, only an updated RPR with a compliance stamp may attest to the property’s compliance with local legislation.

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