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Basic Statistics Skills Every Statistician Need To Know

Basic Statistics Skills Every Statistician Need To Know

In this world of emerging technologies, statistics and statisticians play a major role everywhere. Statisticians need to perform numerous complex tasks such as testing the hypothesis, making predictions, and deriving accurate conclusions from the observed data. They need to be familiar with mathematical skills and must be able to transform complex data into practical applications of data. These things can help organizations to make appropriate decisions. In this blog, we will learn about the basic statistics skills every statistician should possess. 

Skills of statisticians

A statistician must be well trained with methods such as data mining, predictive modeling, probability factors, parametric estimation, etc to examine the various outputs. They need to be well known of various estimation methods and should know how to apply their knowledge in various fields. Some of the other skills needed by statisticians include

  • Strong math abilities
  • Computing skills
  • Should communicate with the non-statisticians about the findings
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Industrial knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Collaborative skills

Statisticians who possess the following skills are in huge demand nowadays. They include

  • Basic mathematic 
  • Algebra
  • Data distributions such as Pareto, Binomial, Poisson, Exponential, Bernoulli
  • Central limit theorem
  • Data analytics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Statistics and probability
  • Economics
  • Data visualization tools such as Excel, Tableau, Google charts.

Skills to develop for a statistician

Most organizations nowadays depend on data interpretation and analysis for making business decisions. They use the data for enhancing growth, decrease loss and prevent from failures. This is why every organization needs a well-skilled statistician. Almost every job such as data scientist, data analyst, research assistant, the business analyst need statistician skills for becoming a pro in their fields. 

Statisticians are in high demand in every sector such as healthcare, education, environmental sciences, and more. So, they need to be well-skilled in order to achieve success. 

  • Statisticians need to be well knowledged about the mathematical and statistical skills to find solutions for practical problems of the world.
  • They need to know how to work well with computer software that deals with mathematics and statistics
  • They should be aware of the data analysis, data finding, and extraction from various sources for effective utilization of the data
  • Effective communication is essential for a statistician in order to clearly convey the information to the stakeholders
  • Multitasking is also required for a statistician to effectively utilizing the information, resources, and materials.
  • Time management and organizational skills are also important for statisticians
  • They have to follow the complex statistical and mathematical arguments for developing brief arguments
  • They need patience and persistence for delivering effective work from their side.

Other important skills needed for statisticians

In order to be successful, statisticians need to possess the following list of important skills. They are 

  • Data Analysis: For managing projects and performing tasks such as data gathering, results analyzing, statistical modeling, validating results, identifying frauds, communicating with technical and non-technical users, having strong data analytical skills is essential for the statisticians. They should be well trained with statistical data analysis, software packages, and data visualization tools.
  • R language: R language is created for statistical computing. It is widely used by data analysts and data scientists. Using this language one can calculate statistical estimates for data analysis. Using this language along with Latex, statisticians can create diagnosis reports from gathered data. 
  • Statistical data: Statisticians need to compare the statistical data and generate managerial reposts for submitting it to the higher officials. They need to prepare statistical data for providing context for market conditions. They need to summarize these data for producing reports for analysis.
  • Data collection: Statisticians need to analyze and collect all the information and help in researching and storing required information. They need to collect the appropriate data for performing accurate analysis. 
  • Statistical software: Statisticians need to work with statistical software to perform data compilation, evaluation, and interpretation. Data mining techniques also help them use statistical software. 
  • Data management: Statisticians need to collect the data safely and keep them in order to create value. Effective data management helps organizations to appropriately use the data and for making better decisions. 


This blog briefly described the basic statistics skills every statistician should possess in order to be successful in their field. This blog also describes the other important skills that are in huge demand in the field of statistics.