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Buy Custom Beard Oil Boxes at Economical Rates

Buy Custom Beard Oil Boxes at Economical Rates

Do you want to boost your business through custom packaging for the beard oil business? Then we suggest you buy a custom beard oil boxes from us at wholesale. Buying wholesale is always profitable for any business because it costs less than short orders. But with Urgent Boxes, you get incredible benefits. Like,

  • We provide superior-quality custom beard oil boxes at the cheapest rates. Even if you search other sites, no one can beat us in prices. A few have similar prices, but their quality could be better for us.
  • We don’t charge additional chargers as other packaging solutions do.
  • We offer seasonal discounts to support mini businesses to be stable and earn extra profit.

Make the custom beard oil boxes eye-catchy with unique designs

Do you want people to notice your custom beard oil boxes? Or choose your beard oil brand when there are many options around? Then you have to make it attractive as you people only attract towards visually beautiful things.

You can design the box in the different styles and images you want. We give you proper authority to choose any design or image and share that with our design experts. They will create that for you. Besides that, you can also take guidelines and help from them.

Here are a few tips to intensify the custom beard oil grace more than before

  • Use hot stamp foiling to give the box design or logo a sparkling and gleaming effect. It is available in all shades like red, golden, silver, copper, etc.
  • You can use embossing and debossing to give realized and sunken effect to the brand logo.
  • For promotional beard oil boxes, you can use any option according to your choice from the add-on options.


Strengthen custom beard oil packaging with durable material

The beard oil bottles can break and crack if the box is not durable. Therefore, you need 100% durable packaging, which we provide. Our cardboard and kraft material boxes are ideally durable for regular packaging. Both are nature free and 100% recyclable. Also, they are more economical than other packaging materials.

However, you can use rigid metal boxes for promotional beard oil boxes. They are ideally durable and available in collapsible and non-collapsible forms. But at the same time, they are highly expensive.

Elevate the custom beard oil durability with laminations & coatings

Have to ever noticed the box begins to tear, crumble and wrinkle with time? It happens because of not laminating the box. They work as an extra layer of protection to increase the box shelves’ life and durability for long-term use. Also, they coat the box surface so that the printed surface remains safe from fading due to UV rays.

Moreover, the laminations and coatings make the box 100% perforation accessible. Also, they protect the box surface from scratches, smudges and fingerprints.

Lamination and coatings options for custom beard oil boxes

  • Matte lamination:

Do you want dull satin finishing? Use matte lamination. It is mainly used for dark shades like black, royal blue, red etc. and designed custom packaging boxes. It balances the vibrancy of darker shades due to its lustre properties.

  • Gloss lamination:

Have you ever noticed the attractive gloss shine on the box from a distance? It’s because of gloss lamination. It is non-environment friendly and applied as a layer all over the box. It is highly demanding because of its water-resistant properties, especially for food businesses.

  • Spot UV:

The edge point of spot UV is that you can use it on specific areas or designs. It looks so versatile that you can use it on promotional beard oil boxes.

  • Aqueous coating:

In contrast to spot UV, aqueous coating, matte and gloss lamination aqueous coating is 100% nature free. It gives a satin, soft matte and gloss effects. Also, it is a liquid-based coating and is applied by heating at high flame.

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