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Do You Know What Your Enneagram Personality Type Is?

Do You Know What Your Enneagram Personality Type Is?

Introduction to the Enneagram

Do you know what your Enneagram type is?

Emotional intelligence training online is a method for determining your personality type. It is built on a circle with nine points around its circumference. Each of the nine points represents a unique personality.

These nine main personality types or conceptions—the Perfectionist, the Helper, the Achiever, the Romantic, the Observer, the Questioner, the Adventurer, the Asserter, and the Peace Seeker—are described by the Enneagram system.

Arrows And Wings

Aside from that personality type, which is represented by a number, we are all impacted by the numbers next to ours. These are known as wings.

And we have influence as well, thanks to our arrows, which are lines traced from our number to two others on the Enneagram circle’s edge.


According to the Enneagram theory, each personality type includes three subgroups based on three of our core instincts: self-preservation, relationships, and societal needs.

Each individual behaves within those subtypes in a manner that represents that type. However, we will probably rely more heavily on one of them than the others.

Self-Preservation: This subtype wants to be able to take care of itself and may put a lot of time and effort into their homes.

Relational: This subtype is focused on connecting people and may be dynamic and passionate.

Social: This category either gets energy from being a member of a group or, conversely, avoids social interaction.

Knowing the Enneagram

The primary reason for learning about the Enneagram personality system is to better understand oneself.

The second is to recognize and value the distinctions between yourself and those represented by another number. There is no one personality type that is superior to another.

Each has amazing characteristics, as well as ways of thinking and acting, as well as reasons that create misery and suffering.

A third goal of learning about the Enneagram is to increase or maximize the use of your personality type’s strengths, your wings, and your arrows, and to cure the shortcomings in these areas.

The Enneagram may be used to help you understand who you are at your core, improve your relationships with others, and locate occupations and vocations that are a good fit for your Enneagram personality type.

The Different Personality Types

Many books and seminars have been created to educate these nine personalities, and detailing them in detail is beyond the scope of this page. But you can find many free Enneagram personality tests online, which is the best way to start learning about the nine types.

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