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jain farms Rural Farm Experience Near Bangalore:-

jain farms Rural Farm Experience Near Bangalore:-


The jain farms must be your primary choice if you are planning to spend your weekend or holidays in Bangalore. The jain farms is spread across 2-3 floors. The jain farms is located in a residential area that is quiet which adds to the serenity of this place. jain farms is located about 5 km away from the supermarkets, Buses, Taxi Stands, etc. The jain farms gives you a feeling of a home away from your own home, as it is surrounded by the beauty of nature. The Jain Farms is basically a modern village-based farm.

These farms are managed by seniors. This farm is located in Bagalur, Malur Road (Hosur). The Nearest Airport to jain farms is Kempegowda Airport. This beautiful farm is spread across an area of about 700 acres. The greenery and scenery of this place are a must-visit for people as it heals the people both mentally and spiritually. People come to visit Jain farms with friends and families on weekends as well as during holidays. You can enjoy your time on this beautiful farm by annoying the scenic beauty. You can play various sports and games there which will give you the experience to enjoy for a lifetime.

You will cherish these memories spent on this farm forever. This farm is for all age groups. You can come and visit this beautiful place and enjoy your trip to its fullest. The jain farms is a family-friendly location where you can go with your friends and families and enjoy your time on this farm. 

jain farms also provides various activities which make your visit worthwhile like fire shows, various magic shows, some prize-winning games, pottery-making games, Fire Acts, Magic Shows, and oxcart rides. 

Various activities to do on Jain farm:-

  •  You can play games like guessing the price, and 5 village games. 
  •  You can go swimming as there is a big swimming pool for it. 
  •  Girls who love henna can apply henna on their hands. 
  •  You can take part in activities like pottery making etc. 
  •  You can also play various outdoor games as well as indoor games. 
  •  You can play archery if you love this sport. 
  •  There is a trampoline for kids which can be enjoyed by your children. 

How to reach Jain farms:-

The jain farms is located about 6 km away from Bangalore and it is easily accessible by both public as well as private transport. The nearest railway Station to jain farms is Bangalore Railway Station which is approximately 6.2 km away from the farm. The nearest Airport is Kempegowda Airport which is approximately 40 km away from the Jain farm.

Jain farm-The party Hub:-

Apart from offering the beauty and greenery of nature, jain farms also offers the beautiful luxury of partying. You can arrange pool parties and also tune in to your favorite playlist in a huge spacious hall that has built-in speakers and dance. You can also have drinks as there is the availability of a mini fridge. Apart from that You can also relax because there is a TV. 


Things to carry:-

  • You should carry Sunglasses, Shoes, and Caps. 
  • You should also carry Water bottles in case you need them during travel. 
  • You should not forget the Valid documents issued by the government. 
  • You should also carry enough Cash as some places do not have online banking. 
  • Sunscreen is a must as it will protect your skin from any damage. 
  • You should Wear comfortable clothes in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 
  • You should also avoid unnecessary jewelry because it will burden you unnecessarily. 


Rules of the Jain farm:-

  • Unmarried couples are not allowed to enter the farm. 
  • Bachelors are not allowed to enter the farm alone. 
  • Pets are also not allowed inside the farm. 
  • Credit/Debit cards are not accepted inside the farm. 
  • Jain farms Allow private parties and events of any kind. 
  • Jain farms are suitable for children of any age group. 
  • Smoking within the premises of Jain farms is also allowed
  • There is also no restriction on alcohol consumption inside the farm. 



If you are a nature lover, you should make sure to make a short visit to this farm as it will be worth it the trip for you. This trip will also bring you closer to nature. You can Spend quality time with your friends and families on a day trip filled with fun to the jain farms in Bangalore. You will enjoy your trip to jain farms as you can do various fun-filled activities which will make your day. Everyone should Take vacations and spend at least some time at this beautiful farm with a variety of games and sports

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