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Mountain Bike Black Friday

Mountain Bike Black Friday

Hey adventure lovers, how about you get a huge discount on a great mountain bike during this Black Friday 2020 sale. Sounds great, right? Yes, you are going to see some great offers on the mountain bikes in some days. In case you are planning to buy one then you shouldn’t miss this chance by anyhow.

Before you go and buy one we would suggest you wait for some minutes here. If you are an experienced rider then you have the knowledge but if you are just starting then it’s very important to know the basics of mountain bikes. You can say it a buying guide for you that will help you to pick the best value for money bikes in this Mountain Bike Black Friday sale. We will also discuss a little about the different trails and which types of bikes are suitable to which trails.

Let’s discuss about different bikes first you will find on your way.

  • Trail Hardtails: The best for a smooth ride. It’s best for beginners who just started riding a mountain bike. You won’t see any steep incline or decent here thus your ride will be easy. These types of bikes don’t have rear suspension but this is ok since it’s made for beginners. As a result, it is the cheapest among all other mountain bikes.
  • Cross-Country Bikes: Cross-country bikes are made for only extreme riders who have vast experience of riding a mountain bike on different trails. They are generally costliest than all other bikes available. Just a reminder, people who ride a cross-country bike don’t bother about a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Short-Travel Trail Bikes: Short-travel mountain bikes have rear suspension for extra comfortability. If you like flat terrain over steep descent then this type of bike is for you.
  • Mid-travel Trail Bikes: If you like steep descent over flat terrain then mid-travel mountain bikes are for you. It also has rear suspension but they are not made to ride in flat terrain.

I hope this helps you to decide what kind of bike you should pick. Now since it’s clear let’s talk about what to check in a mountain bike before you buy.

Wheel Size: The bigger the wheel the easier to cross a hard terrain. The wheel size of 27.5-29 inches is considered as good. Previously there were 26 inches but they are almost gone. The basic funda of the bigger wheel is it will cover more roads with less effort from you.

Tyre Size: This is a very common thing in all types of vehicles. Having a wider tire holds more grip on the road so that your bike won’t sleep easily. And in the mountain bike where you are taking it to the ultimate offroad, it’s very important to have wide tires. Generally, you can see 2.4-2.6 inches tires in most of the mountain bikes which is considered as good.

Frame: Frames are the one thing that holds the entire bike. Now it is very important to have a lighter frame so that you can take it easily everywhere. This also helps you to climb a steep road. Generally, you will see carbon and aluminum made frames. Carbon made frames are the lightest and superior over aluminum. So we always suggest you go with an aluminum frame. But keep it in mind that they are a bit costly than a normal aluminum frame.

I believe all these above details will help you to pick up the best Mountain Bike as per your need. And this year Black Friday sale will be one of the great due to this COVID pandemic as people can’t gather outside malls or shops for shopping. So if you are an adventure lover and looking for a mountain bike, this black Friday 2020 will be the best option to pick one.