Everything You Need To Know About The PNP Program In Canada

Everything You Need To Know About The PNP Program In Canada

PNP is the acronym for the provincial nominee program and this is known as the perfect opportunity of immigrating to Canada very easily. Being very much clear about the very basic working of the PNP program is very much important for the individuals so that they can apply for it without any kind of problem.

This particular program will be for the workers who:

  1. Are having the necessary education, work experience and skills to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory
  2. Are interested to live in that particular province
  3. Or are interested to want to become a permanent residence of Canada

Every province and territory will be having their streams as well as requirements for example in a particular stream the provinces and Territories might target the semiskilled workers, business people, students and so on

The entire application process will be perfectly dependent on the provincial nominee program stream which people are flying into which is the main reason that understanding the paper-based process is very much important throughout the systems.

The paper-based and the express entry process has been explained as follows:

In the paper-based process following are some of the basic steps to be fulfilled:

  1. People need to apply for the province or territory under the nomination of the non-express entry scheme
  2. People need to meet the eligibility requirements of the province which will be nominating them
  3. Once the individuals have been nominated, they need to submit a paper application for Permanent residence to the immigration, refugees and citizenship in Canada
  4. After this, people need to pass the medical examination and get a police check certificate
  5. After these people need to plan out the application processing times which are very long in comparison to the express entry

On the other hand, in the cases of the express entry process following are the basic steps which people need to fulfil:

There will be two ways in this particular scenario which are explained as

The first way will be associated with the contracting of the province or territory and applying for the nomination under the express entry stream. If the province or territory agrees to nominate the individuals then the creation of the express entry profile will be done to show that individuals have been nominated

The second way in this particular case will be creating the express entry profile and then showing the provinces and territories in which, the individuals are interested. If any individual has received the notification of interest from any kind of territory to the account, then they can contact them directly. To apply for this particular scheme people, need to be nominated and approvals will be offered the letter to the individuals to excepted electronically.

It is very much vital for people to meet the eligibility requirements of the province and then submit the express entry profile so that the minimum criteria will be easily fulfilled without any kind of problem.

Hence, at the time of applying for the provincial nominee programs being very much clear about the technical steps is important to avoid any kind of issue throughout the process. Further, availing the expert services, in this case, is very much advisable for people to deal with things very smoothly.