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Qualities of Trustworthy Tungsten Rings Retailers

Qualities of Trustworthy Tungsten Rings Retailers

In recent years, tungsten carbide wedding bands—often shortened to “Tungsten Rings”—have quickly grown in popularity, particularly among men. The retail industry has noticed this tendency. You can find innumerable merchants selling tungsten carbide wedding bands online if you search for them. However, tungsten wedding bands are not well understood, regulated, or standardized, like all new products that have become popular so quickly. How can you be sure the Silicone  rings  shop   you are buying from the shop is of high quality?

Because the product is so new and well-liked, jewelers frequently have no idea if the tungsten rings they are selling you are of great quality or low quality. Nevertheless, they want to carry the product to boost their sales. The main distinction that almost all vendors make is that high-quality tungsten carbide rings contain small amounts of nickel whereas low-quality rings contain cobalt. When choosing to buy a tungsten wedding band, there are a lot of things to consider. This post will go over three things that every customer ought to try to learn before buying titanium rings from a jeweler.


People frequently inquire about the purity of the metal used to create a ring when buying Platinum, White Gold, or Palladium rings. For instance, they might inquire as to whether a gold ring is 14 or 18 karats. Because it contains more gold (75% vs. 58.3% in 14k), 18 karat is superior. This reasoning would lead one to believe that a 24-karat (100%) gold ring is even superior. Not at all. You won’t find any pure gold rings at a reputable jewellery store because pure gold jewellery is very soft and would easily bend. The industry standard for creating Tungsten is an alloy with a purity of 85% Tungsten Carbide.

The rings are not as robust and scratch-resistant as they may be if it is too little. The rings will become overly brittle and fracture readily if there is an excessive amount of tungsten carbide present. Find out how much tungsten carbide is present in the rings that your merchant sells by asking them. The correct response is 85%. You should not buy your ring from them if they are unsure. Since tungsten carbide is a lengthy compound, many jewellers just refer to tungsten carbide rings as “tungsten.” You may be sure that all tungsten rings contain tungsten carbide rather than just pure tungsten. There is no need to take off tungsten rings, even if men with active lifestyles or those who use heavy equipment and tools typically prefer to do so to prevent harm.


A tungsten ring is not necessarily of good quality just because it employs nickel rather than cobalt and contains 85% tungsten carbide. When choosing which retailer to purchase from, consumers frequently only compare costs.

The quality of a ring is among the most crucial considerations that many buyers overlook. Price typically serves as a barometer for a product’s quality. Since tungsten wedding rings are always handcrafted, a cheap ring indicates fewer man-hours were invested in its creation. Because they are created differently from gold or platinum rings, tungsten carbide rings are distinctive. For each type of ring, a unique mould is made due to the high cost of gold and platinum, and then molten metal is poured into the mould. The ring will be almost finished once the metal cools and hardens. Only minor polishing is required.