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Why Should I Plan Routes With a Fleet Management Software?

Why Should I Plan Routes With a Fleet Management Software?

The logistics industry’s newest craze is route planning software. Trip-planning software is used by other industrial sectors, like manufacturing, production, sales, etc., to improve visibility and provide insights into their logistics operations.

Industrial growth has been totally overtaken by automation! How was the fleet and transportation sector unaffected by it? It is difficult to manually manage the entire fleet for a fleet company that oversees thousands of cars and hundreds of journeys per day.

Can Fleet Management Software Automate Trips? 

The vehicle has a GPS tracking device, sometimes known as a GPS Tracker, installed that gathers information on the vehicle’s movement and diagnostics. After gathering data with the aid of GPS satellites, the software uses GSM and GPRS to retrieve the data from the device.

Telematics refers to the collection of data and its delivery across a greater distance. Route planning solutions, trip management solutions, fuel monitoring solutions, and many more solutions are provided by telematics software like TrackoBit within the category of fleet management software.

How Does Fleet management Software Automate Trips?

Every car connected to the programme via a GPS Tracker provides data to the system, which is collected in real-time. Now it is up to the programme to handle the binary language data in a comprehensible and appealing way.

The system automates every step of the process, from route creation to trip planning and management. For fleet managers, the following features automate route management:

  • Dynamic Arrival Time Prediction
  • Different Types of Deliveries Proof
  • Alerts for Route Deviations
  • Prioritization of trips
  • Geofencing
  • Additionally, a fleet management platform must have other functionalities.

Reasons Why You Should Always Plan Routes With GPS Tracking Software

Managing trips is one tedious job to perform when you have a fleet of hundred vehicles to look after. It’s a multi-level process that involves keen attention to consignment allocation, checking driver schedule, vehicle availability, shortest route and so much more.

Live Consignment Tracking

A fleet manager’s life is made so much easier by live tracking. Drivers can check on their whereabouts, delivery status, and consignment pick-up and drop-off without having to call them.

Complete visibility into the fleet operations is guaranteed through real-time tracking. Managers can better plan for emergencies by matching ad hoc work to the vehicles or drivers that are available thanks to real-time data and insights.

Trip Planning Optimisation

Fleet managers may devise the shortest, quickest, and most economical path by using past data and information about the businesses they should target currently or in the future. The priority of the client can also be used by the managers to order the waypoints. When it comes to timely delivery, the high-paying clientele will take precedence over a tiny trailer.

Accurate Telematics Data

The system continuously collects data in real-time. Although there may be occasional imperfections due to human indulgence, the route planning programme is precise. The depth of the data analytics offered by a fleet management platform increases with its sophistication.

Analytical Report Generation

Software-assisted route planning guarantees the automatic development of reports that are detailed, precise, and quick. There is very little room for human or administrative error. The route management software provides trip- vehicle- and feature-specific reports. To produce precise route deviation notifications, the data must be of the highest accuracy.

Summing Up

Fleet management systems have come a long way since when they were only about GPS tracking systems and tracking vehicles in real time. Advanced telematics software now comes with state-of-art route planning systems. So, why should you not use them to improve your business operations?

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