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Tamil Movies That Guarantee A Huge Box Office Hit

Tamil Movies That Guarantee A Huge Box Office Hit

Tamil film tamilrockers are back with other rounds of Tamil movie downloads for your Tamil music and language programs. With each release, some Tamil rockers have chosen not to participate in the movie season. These Tamil rockers include Vijay, Jai Maheswar, K.S. Naidu, and some lesser-known names. In this article, we will look at what is in store for you in the next rounds of movie downloads for your Tamil language education programs.

Tamil movies such as “Eravikulam ” starring Vijay and “Mankatha” starring Ajith are scheduled for release soon. Both these movies have received a warm welcome from both national and international film festivals. Vijay’s “Eravikulam” has bagged first place in the Pallekele Awards for best action and adventure film while Jai Maheswar’s “Mankatha” has won the best story and script at the Golden Globe and Screen Awards. Both these Tamil movies have been receiving praises from both the critics and the audiences not only in India but also in other major foreign languages. So look forward to some great Tamil movies this season.

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“Eravikulam” is a remake of Hindi movie “Nanban”. The story of this movie is about a young girl (Vijay) who arrives in England and settles in London. A year later he marries an English woman (Anne), becomes a surgeon but loses his accent and is confused with the British pronunciation. He returns to India and is given a new name “Vijay” by his wife. The movie is based on the life and times of Tamil Nadu’s greatest Tamil poet RK Narayan tamilrockers link.

Another installment in the Tamil movies waiting for download now is “Nanban”. This movie is about a drug lord by the name of Ganapathi who tries to rule India through a reign of terror. The movie is sure to get a lot of popularity in time as it is set against the backdrop of the great Mughal Empire. The theme song in this movie is in fact “Palitham Rasli”, which is a wonderful melody.

A lesser-known title is “Kathakali” or “The Queen of Hearts”. This movie revolves around the life of a young girl (played by Neesy), who falls in love with a merchant and goes ahead to marry him. But his father disagrees to allow the marriage and tells him to return home. He does so and vows to return only if the lady gives birth to an heir. However, when she does the father dies and the girl marries another man. In the end, she decides to give birth to a son and marry another man.

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Another upcoming Tamil movie is “Iruvar” which is directed by S.S. Rajamouli. It is based on the life of Prince Iruvar of Tamil Nadu. This movie is expected to be one of the most popular Tamil movies of all time. It is expected to do brisk business till it becomes a mainstream hit.

Anushka Shetty’s “The Pirates of the Caribbean” is another important Tamil movie in the pipeline. In this movie, Shetty will play the role of Carice Van Clefon who is a renowned pirate. This movie is due to be one of the best-selling movies of all time. A Hollywood producer has been attached to the project and it is expected to become a box office hit.

All these Tamil movies have one common thing that they are all going to be super popular. They will attract huge crowds wherever they go. Tamil rock music is also very much in demand these days. Many talented artists have made their presence felt in this rock genre. They have created some of the best albums and songs in this genre.