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Things to consider while selecting the best Account Aggregator platform

Things to consider while selecting the best Account Aggregator platform

The initiation of the account aggregators is stated to guide in a new world of India’s financial view. Yet, various analysts see it as an execution plan by RBI to enable and support the data transfer requirements of several stakeholders included.  

In the previous ten years, account aggregators have significantly become a key element in personal financial management (PFM) and account aggregation. Even if you are a financial organization, financial expert, undertaker, or only principled individual, offering and/or having fast, simple access to a sole view that shows and assesses all of an individual customer’s financial information is quickly becoming a crucial offering.   

Created to help millions of customers obtain digital access to their data and assist different fintech companies in growing their client pool, the approach of Account Aggregator targets to rationalize the variety of data points into a suitable system that will be accessible for study.  

Defining Account Aggregation  

Account aggregation is software that gathers financial information from different sources involving banks, investment accounts, and credit cards. It builds it to a single interface to give a holistic and assessed outlook on personal finances.  

Advantages of Account Aggregation Software  

Many advantages of account aggregation software are:  

  1. Financial View 

The key benefit of account aggregation is to give the ability to customers to see and go through their account details and financial views in one place, anytime, anywhere. A better view signifies well-informed decisions, which means better relations and more chances to produce extra revenue.  

  1. No More Legwork, No More Queries 

Having data that is always updated and available online signifies no physical data updating, collecting, or filing, which essentially saves time, increases collaboration and decreases client discomfort.  

  1. Extended Service Offerings and Income 

By giving you a complete picture of a client’s financial condition, aggregation software lets you view held-away assets and offer more inclusive suggestions and guidance to your customers.  

How to Choose the Best Financial Account Aggregator?  

Increased use of account aggregator software has driven procreation in the different solutions present in the market. If you are not sure what to consider in an account aggregation solution, then the method of knowing the right provider can be awful and pricey. 

Here are the four essential things to consider while looking for the best financial account aggregator:  

  1. Span of Data and Connections 

There are numerous data sources and account types in the world with unlimited transaction types, but most of them are not backed by any kind of industry-related format. Therefore, the aggregation system revealed to the highest number of variables would be the most thriving in standardizing the financial data across different organizations. Data aggregators effectively grow smarter the more data they possess and the more clients and accounts they integrate, so the potential of an account aggregation solution precisely conforms to the extent of its account aggregator structure.  

  1. Simplicity to Use 

It does not make any sense to get into financial account aggregation that is too complex to use to its complete extent. Your account aggregation system should make it simple for your client to create their accounts and get started effectively. Tools that allow quick account authentication and account aggregation must be ready-to-operate solutions that bring in adherence and adoption.  

  1. Data Purity and Precision 

Your AA platform should be capable of intelligently aggregating, cleansing, augmenting, and storing customer data. Data quality needs years to build and has many things to do with different sources from which your platform is taking out data. Credit cards, banks, investment transits, mortgages, loans, bills, insurance – all of this requires being added. Also, the AA platform must be able to accumulate a variety of data from different providers employing both organized and semi-organized formats.  

  1. API Contributions or Offerings 

The best account aggregation system provides a number of APIs to account for vivid use cases of financial consultation and account aggregation. Your account aggregator must provide with  

  • Bank Account Authentication API – The platform needs to have an authentication process that is quick, effective, and safe that will trigger users now – not afterward. This process will safely verify accessible funds in accounts in real-time prior to fund transfer, assisting in reducing abandonment all through customer onboarding for funding practices.  
  • Classification Accuracy– Your account aggregation platform must have a transaction classification tool that checks and categorizes each approaching transaction. For instance, if you understand that a specific vendor is a restaurant, a credit card transaction from that vendor can no doubt be classified as a restaurant. Classification develops further customer views to let you give more intended services and offers to your customers.  
  • Geo-Position– Geo-position lets you associate transaction information with physical locations, for example, a vendor or seller name to a particular address.  


  1. Which are the Top Account Aggregators in India? 

The leading account aggregators in India are:  

  • CAMSFinServ
  • Anumati 
  • NESL Asset Data Limited 
  • Yodlee Finsoft Private Limited
  • FinSec AA Solutions Private Limited
  • Is the Account Aggregator for specific customers only? 

No, it is for both individual customers and organizations. 

2. Are all supervised entities authorized to join the Account Aggregator ecosystem? 

No, players supervised by RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, and PFRDA are not authorized to be part of an account aggregator ecosystem. All the same, the benefits of being part of an account aggregator ecosystem will possibly bring out a pull-based finding to connect with the AA ecosystem. 

3. Do I require paying to Account Aggregators? 

Most AAs are totally free as they will charge a fee from the financial organization. But some of them might charge a little bit.  


The data available on the account aggregator framework is encoded to stop any possibility of leakages, making it one of the most innovative digital solutions to the financial environment of India. It is an outstanding step towards obtaining real data consent in an actual sense.  

Anumati is a provider of end-to-end lending solutions to ease financial study and decision-making for any latest, growth-oriented lending company. They provide updated loan lifecycle management and credit assessment services to loan providers and different financial organizations.