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Ways To Help You Through Depression

Ways To Help You Through Depression

As we all know that living with depression is not easy, everything and every day feels like a struggle. Going to work, socializing with friends, even getting out of bed can feel tiring. Recovering from depression and coming back to normal life is not easy and the process could take time. But the only solution to get out of the depression phase is to stay positive and one should not give up but sometimes consult psychiatrists online becomes essential. This article is all about the different ways to help you through depression. Read on to know more about it. 

 Build a support Network

As per the experts and researchers building support networks and good relationships with friends and family reduces stress and improves mental health and sense of well-being. Building networks or having supportive friends and family can be essential for your mental health. Here are few ways to build good networks among friends and family: 

– Meet new people 

– Make time for yourself and friends from the monotonous routine 

– Be Assertive 

– Talk to someone you trust 

– Let go of what is hurting you 

So, these small steps can help you get rid of depression and also improves your mental health and sense of well-being 

Keep yourself active (Exercise/ meditate)

We all have a habit of waking up with a phone in our hand but instead of that, one should build a habit of starting our day with good exercise or meditation which will lead you to self-awareness and peace of mind. But if you are someone who likes to meditate more often you can also start a workout for45 minutes. You will find workout videos online as well as you can tune into live sessions on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well.

 Limit yourself from social media 

One of the most important of all is limiting yourself from social media because using it all day can drain your energy. So avoid watching the news because it can make you feel anxious and frustrated instead of the news you can watch something funny that rejuvenates your mind and motivates you to think positive, creative, and out of the box. Here are some ways to cut back on social media:

 – Track your online time 

– Build self-awareness 

– Do a digital detox 

– Avoid online arguments 

– Learn the benefits of offline life

– Develop hobbies that don’t involve screen time 

This might take time and effort but you will end up increasing your productivity and be able to focus more on yourself

Express yourself in writing 

Writing a journal is great therapy and it always works like a blessing as it can help you manage depression. You can easily relieve your stress by being open to your thoughts, feelings, and concerns in writing if you don’t feel like sharing them with anyone in person. Here are some benefits of Journalizing: 

– Helps you to analyze the entire day 

– You can learn from your past experiences 

– It improves your confidence level and communication skills

– It helps you sleep better 

– It allows you to Self-reflect

– Inspires creativity 

– Boosts your memory

 Hence, journalizing is a great way to let your thoughts out and free yourself from all the worries.

 Ask for help if needed

Asking for help when you are feeling stressed or depressed is completely normal because you are not alone in this; we all are in this together. Try talking to someone you trust completely, open up in front of them and this will make you feel good. Everyone faces stress, depression, or even anxiety at some point in time but talking to someone makes it easier for you to deal with it. If you still feel your mental health is deteriorating and need help you can feel free to consult a Psychologist and can take therapy. 

Recite Positive affirmations every day 

Reciting positive affirmations is crazy powerful because by saying it; writing it or even hearing it you manifest it into your brain over and over again. It will surely boost your confidence and help your mind to get better clarity. Let’s see some examples of positive affirmations: 

– I have everything I need to be happy right now 

– I deserve to be happy and healthy

– I am blessed with all the good people and good things around me 

– I forgive myself and set myself free 

– I am worthy of dreams 

– I am grateful to be alive 

– Being happy comes easy to me, happiness is my second nature

– All the good things are coming my way

Repeat these affirmations on daily basis you will surely see the difference. It will cause you to ponder things that you know and accept are acceptable about yourself and your life. 

Eat Well

Eating well is one of the most important aspects to take care of mental health. Certain mineral inadequacies like B12 and iron might bring about mindset swings so to keep away from that attempt to eat adjusted eating regimen food which is plentiful in proteins, nutrients, and minerals, and so forth. And if you are someone who continuously feels anxious and stressed you should avoid and limit caffeine as this will make you feel more anxious and frustrated. 


Now that you know about how to get rid of depression follow these steps on daily basis to achieve the best results. Hope this article was useful till then stay safe and smile. 

Author Bio 

Mr Viral Kotecha received the M.Pharm degree in the year 2012 from Manipal University. As a pharmacist he strives to give comfort and care to his patients. He is a very well seasoned team player who keeps patients’ wellness on first priority and goes above and beyond by giving Pharmacological information to multidisciplinary health care teams. His experience of Working with Team Mediflam has helped him to easily navigate the Medical Sector. And he is now looking forward to planning and fulfilling the long-term and short-term goals at Mediflam.