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Weight Gain Diet: What Should You Consume?

Weight Gain Diet: What Should You Consume?

There are lakhs of people out there who are underweight and if you consider yourself amidst them, you need to do something about it. If your BMI (body mass index) is somewhat less than 18.5, then you are underweight.  This is just as alarming as being obese. Being underweight may boost your risk of numerous types of health issues such as vitamin and nutrition deficiencies, malnutrition, anaemia, weakened immune system, and fertility problems. You need to introduce a weight gain diet in your life for gaining weight.

Remember, in case children and teenagers are quite underweight, this may actually hinder their growth and development. Hence, having more or even less than the normal body weight is quite bad for health, and upkeeping proper weight is critical for proper health and great quality of life. Have a look at some of the ways that you can help yourself gaining weight.


Just like restricting your calorie intake makes you lose weight, the opposite is somewhat also true. However, one thing that must be noted here is that to enhance your calorie intake, you must not fill up on calorie-dense foods that are quite high in saturated fats and sugars. Foods like cakes, cookies, and even sodas although boost your calorie intake, but make you gain some fat and not lean mass. Hence, a sluggish,steady and healthy is the approach you must definitely adopt to gain weight. 


  • A brilliant protein source, milk helps in both gaining weight and even muscle mass. You can find it always in a weight gain plan.
  • Rich in somewhat calcium, this drink has a great balance of protein, fat, and even carbohydrates.
  • To either gain weight or even muscle mass, you must opt for whole-fat milk.
  • You may have it as a snack, or even along with meals.
  • Banana milk shake is being taken up for ages to gain a lot of weight.


  • Once trying to gain weight, have as a minimum of two whole eggs every day.
  • Such a nutrient-packed food has a rich mix up of proteins and healthy fats.
  • Eggs are quite versatile too. You may have them boiled, scrambled, in the even shape of omelette, or baked.

Starchy Foods

  • You must know that starchy carbohydrates are much healthy and cost-effective in boosting your calorie intake.
  • Potato, sweet potato, buckwheat, oats, beans, and legumes are all great sources of starchy carbs.
  • Not only do these help you gain weight, but these also provide other health benefits too, like providing your body fibre, important nutrients and nourishing your gut bacteria.

Whole Grain Bread

  • Now, this is another carbs-dense food that helps you in gaining weight.
  • It is even versatile as there are a whole lot of sandwiches you may prepare with it. 
  • A healthy option is to blend up whole grain bread with protein sources like eggs, or cheese.


  • Only a cup of it has more than two hundred calories.
  • Well, If trying to gain some weight, white rice is the ideal food for you. 
  • It is somewhat high in carb and low in fat.
  • Since it is quite calorie-dense, a tiny serving of it provides you sufficient calories, while leaving you with much appetite to eat more.


To sum up, check out the best fast weight gain diet for yourself that suits your lifestyle and aspirations.