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What is the Level of Energy Efficiency in an Electric Fireplace?

What is the Level of Energy Efficiency in an Electric Fireplace?

There are many reasons why people use fireplaces, and if you are talking about energy efficiency, electric fireplaces are at the top of the list. They are 100% energy efficient, and they are the best types of fireplaces that you can use in your house. 

This indicates that when you use an electric fireplace in Ireland, you are not going to waste any energy when generating heat. No other type of fireplace can offer you this kind of energy efficiency. In this guide, you will learn the level of energy efficiency that an electric fireplace can provide. 

What is Meant by Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is a measure of the overall efficiency of an appliance’s electricity use. To keep it simple, an appliance’s energy efficiency will represent the energy it uses compared to the energy it wastes. When you talk about fireplaces, energy efficiency is the amount of energy that a fireplace uses to generate heat that can be used for the room.

For instance, if a fireplace has 100% energy efficiency, it will look to channel all the heat that it produces into the room. It will ensure that no heat is lost and that it wastes no energy. But if a fireplace has 50% energy efficiency, only 50% of the heat that it generates will go to the room, and the remaining will be lost in the fireplace’s waste byproducts. 


Comparing the Energy Efficiency of Various Fireplaces 

Before you purchase an electric fireplace in Ireland for your house, you must compare the energy efficiency of different fireplaces. Between modern gas, electric fireplaces and fuel-burning fireplaces, energy efficiency differs. Electric fireplaces are considered to be the most efficient form of the fireplace, and gas fireplaces are next. Fuel-burning fireplaces are the least energy efficient of the three and are usually not preferred much by people. 

  • Electric fireplaces provide 100% energy efficiency. 

They are considered to be the most energy-efficient fireplace, and they usually convert 100% of the energy that they draw electrical supply into power for the flame and heater effect. Before you opt for a fireplace installation, know that other fireplaces usually lose their energy from waste byproducts, but in the case of an electric fireplace, there is no waste byproduct. 

  • Gas fireplaces: 50% to 90% efficiency 

Gas fireplaces are usually energy efficient to run, but they are less compared to electric fireplaces. The energy efficiency of such a fireplace usually ranges from 50 to 90%, and the figure also depends on the model you purchased. 

  • Fuel-burning fireplaces: 5% to 15% efficiency

This type of fireplace is the least energy-efficient of the three, and they run at about 5 to 15% energy efficiency. Most of this fireplace’s heat is lost during the fuel-combustion process. During the burning of the fuel, many byproducts are generated, such as gas emissions and smoke. 


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As you can see, an electric fireplace in Ireland is the most energy-efficient; you can purchase them from a reputed online store. Compared to other fireplaces, an electric fireplace is the best when it comes to saving energy. Contact Laois Stone & Stoves to purchase the best electric fireplaces today.