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Where To Find The Best Online Tutor Jobs In India?

Where To Find The Best Online Tutor Jobs In India?

Finding a job in India can be a tough task, especially when there is cut-throat competition. Job opportunities are few, and the population is increasing rapidly day after day. 

You may have witnessed a job interview situation wherein there are fifty candidates and one post. Even if you are qualified, there is a possibility that ten other candidates made a call to a politician to get the post. 

There are loopholes in our society, but this does not mean that you can’t get a lucrative job opportunity. 

Teaching has become a preferred occupation. Many people are appearing for competition exams like NET or pursuing PGT to get a job in schools and colleges. Once again, there is no guarantee that you will get a lectureship job after clearing the NET. School jobs are also scarce unless you plan to open your very own school. 

With so much competition all around, you might as well try for online tutoring jobs. On second thoughts, online tutoring jobs have become much more lucrative as compared to full-time jobs. 

The question is – How is an online tutor job superior to a full-time teaching position in a school or college? This brings us to another question – Where can you find the best tutor jobs in India? 

This article will answer both the questions. So, keep reading and find out. 

How is an online teaching job superior to full-time teaching posts?  

  • You are able to choose the working hours. In a full-time position, you have to sit in the school for 9-10 hours. But in online teaching platforms, you can teach for 2-3 hours or 12 hours. It is your choice as to how many hours you want to dedicate. 
  • Online teaching jobs save you from commuting to work every single day. You can work from your office space/home/garden/mountains. You just need a very strong internet connection and access to a laptop or computer. If you don’t have a laptop or computer, consider using your phone to teach. In full-time teaching positions, you have to travel to work and face traffic, wind, air/water pollution, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. 
  • When you become an online tutor, you can set the hourly charge. You have the power to choose how much you earn. Full-time teaching jobs have a fixed salary. 
  • Full-time teaching jobs require a degree, whereas in online teaching, you can get started without a college degree. Even college students get an equal opportunity to teach. Moreover, they are able to earn by teaching in their free time. 

How to find good online tutoring jobs in India? 

There are many online tutoring platforms you can join. Some of them require a small fee and others are free to join. You can join a free platform like Evopry.

The platform embraces tutors from all over India. You could be a language teacher or a subject matter expert – there is an opportunity for you on this platform. You can teach languages online or even impart knowledge to students who are weak in certain subjects like Psychology, Sociology, Physics, History, Art, Chemistry, English, Geography, or even Economics. 

There is no shortage of opportunities here. Moreover, college students can join this platform and start earning on an hourly basis. It could be $4 an hour to $100 or more an hour. The pricing of the services depends on your expertise and skills. 

But once you join the platform, be ready with a demo class and do ensure that you give this job full dedication. So, go ahead and make a fantastic profile. Do make sure that you list all your skills and qualifications.